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Literally ANYONE Can Buy A Brick!

Cheering Crowd

You do NOT have to be in law enforcement, or even know anyone in law enforcement. You just have to WANT to make a positive statement about their importance to society.


Our men and women in Law Enforcement put their lives on the line each and everyday; and, these days, it is easy for them to wonder if their efforts are appreciated. The Walk of Heroes will offer a resounding YES to that question -- and YOU can play a role in reassuring and supporting our law enforcement officers.


A 4 x 8 brick costs $125 and allows 3 lines of 20 characters each

An 8 x 8 brick costs $240 and allows 6 lines of 20 characters each

In addition to individuals and families purchasing bricks, we have civic clubs, motorcycle clubs, business organizations, neighborhood groups, foundations, religious organizations, women's clubs, sports clubs and many other groups pooling their funds to buy bricks in honor of local officers or in tribute to law enforcement in general.


See click HERE for sample brick ideas and additional ordering information.  



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